Best Value Electric Bike: What You Need To Consider

Say hello to electric bikes.They are becoming more and more popular as each day passes. You’ve probably heard of e-bikes which is why you’re here in the first place. I take it that’s not only the reason, though. See, it’s true e-bikes are becoming a thing, but they’re a bit pricey, too. The other reason you’re probably here is because you’re looking for a best value electric bike.

If that’s what you’ve come here for, don’t you dare worry—I got you covered! Today, we’re going to be looking at cheap, top-rated e-bikes you can get your hands on. Hopefully,you’ll find what you want; and that you’ll be able to decide which would be the best value electric bike for you. So, are you guys ready? Without further ado,let’s dig in, shall we?

Best Value Electric Bike

Why Electric Bikes Are A Thing

If you’ve already decided that you’re getting an electric bike, scroll down. You might want to skip ahead to the list of the best value electric bikes for you. In any case, if you still doubt e-bikes, you might want to stick around and read more.

Electric bikes started creating buzz not too many years ago. To be honest it’s really gaining more and more popularity. The question is though, what makes them more important and more valuable? Why would you choose an electric bike over the regular one?

The answer lies within the performance, as well as the over-all value you get. When it comes to electric bikes, they tend to focus on driving the crank and not the wheel. This in turn multiplies exponentially the bike’s power. At the same time, it also takes better advantage of the bike’s gears. It is also very good when it comes to balance. Its secret being that it’s positioned closer to the center of gravity. Not only that, but all e-bikes are also positioned low to the ground. With this in mind, you can be sure that there is improved handling. This is because there is better weight distribution all throughout the bike.

You run electric bikes with a battery. While this might immediately tell you there is a limit when it comes to speed as well as the range, there’s really not much to complain about. When it comes to electric bikes, it’s all about the consistency. That is exactly what the best value electric bike prides itself in. With that in mind, I think we’re ready to dive into the list. Let’s do it!

The Best Value Electric Bike: Choose One

Now, keep in mind that the electric bikes we’re looking into here are below $1000. This means you’re definitely getting your money’s worth with our picks. Electric bikes are really a gem. You have to option to mix it up by paddling or using the motor. If you want to go for an exercise, go and straight up paddle. If in between you get tired, switch to the motor to relax a bit.

And that, my friends, is the power of electric bikes. It’s no secret why bike lovers are ditching the irregular bikes and making the switch. I strongly suggest you consider on making one yourself. Don’t fall behind on the latest trends guys. Here are our picks for the best value electric bike.

Swag Cycle 14”

What’s good about the SwagCycle electric bike is the value that you get out of it. It comes in at $499, very cheap when you think about other electric bikes out there. Not only that but it is firm, durable and has quite the classy look. A single battery charge can give you a range of up to 15 miles. That is actually not bad for the price that you get this baby for.

The other good thing about SwagCycle 14” is that it is very lightweight. It weighs close to just 17 kg. And oh, did I mention that this baby’s foldable? Talk about the best value electric bike right? You can fit it in almost anywhere and take it almost anywhere. It’s no problem with the SwagCycle 14”. You also need not to worry about saving space in your home for this bike. Since it’s foldable, you’ll find it easy to place it almost anywhere within your home.

Best Value Electric Bike

Merax 26” MTB

The Merax Aluminum electric mountain bike is up here because…why not? Who doesn’t love a good electric mountain bike right? What’s good about Merax MTB is that in a single batter charge, it can take you up to 28 miles. At $699.99, its excellent suspension ensures you’re in for some smooth riding. What’s more is that this electric mountain bike has Shimano 7 gears.

A 350W high speed motor and a 36.8V 8.8Ah Lithium Battery runs this bad boy. Another good thing about it is that it can develop maximum speeds of 32 km/h. You can’t go wrong with the Merax Aluminum electric mountain bike as a best value electric bike. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth with this one.

E-go Fat Bike 26”

Let’s face it: if you’re looking for bikes, you’re usually looking for ones that are great outdoors. And I’m here to tell you, the E-go Fat Bike is the perfect one for the great outdoors. Imagine the beach, or the snow, or a trail perhaps…this bike is definitely for you then. At $1,259, it is really powerful with the big wheels it has on it.What’s more is that its battery is long lasting. It runs on a 500W rear hub motor; bigger compared to the other e-bikes on here. The battery is a 36V 11AH li-on. That means if you plan to run on its motor, this electric bike has higher range. It also runs at a modest speed of 20 mph; not the biggest but definitely provides a great experience. After all, it’s all about consistency when it comes to electric bikes. And I’d like to tell you, the E-go Fat Bike does offer a lot of consistency.

Sondors Original

During 2015, the Sondors Original electric bike received the title of the most affordable e-bike ever produced. Of course, that was three years ago and a lot has changed. The fact of the matter is the Sondors Original has its name etched in electric bike history. The brand definitely put its name on the map with their Original electric bike. It runs on a 350W motor with a modest maximum speed of 20 mph.And oh, it provides 20-45 miles of range, which is pretty decent if you ask me.

What’s more is that the Sondors Original has an LCD Screen upgrade which now comes as a standard. It offers accurate battery level and distance traveled. It comes in at $849, but there is a great offer for it for an additional $200. You can get front suspension and a larger battery. Talk about best value electric bike.

Populo Sport

Believe it or not, there aren’t a lot of lightweight electric bikes out there that sell less than $1000.This is why Populo Sport is actually a best value electric bike you’d want to get your hands on. Most often, the motor works side by side with your paddling.And Populo Sport has usually a speed of 20 mph when you take that into consideration. It offers a range of about 30 mi. as well.

At $999, this is the third generation of Populo and there have been significant upgrades. It includes more ergonomic grips, better paddling as well as better tires. Its wider and taller than before tires gives this electric bike a better balance. When it comes to a best value electric bike, remember the name Populo Sport. You’ve probably heard of it or you probably haven’t. Definitely though its name is out there and for good reason. It’s definitely a must-have electric bike.

Best Value Electric Bike: Final Thoughts

Best Value Electric Bike

So there you have it, electric bikes where you can get the best value for. Take note that there are other high-class, high-quality e-bikes out there. These are just the ones which are affordable and have a better than average performance.

With that being said, hope you guys were able to get some invaluable insight regarding e-bikes of great value. Hopefully you were able to choose one that you like out of the five on this list as well. In any case, it’s always best to make additional research. Contact other fellow bikers, search the net for more reviews, and make an informed decision. If you buy the best value electric bike, I hope it’s one of the ones listed above. You cannot go wrong with the ones up top.

If you have any questions or experiences you’d like to share, write a comment down below. You can even write me a direct email for that matter. I’d definitely love to talk more with you regarding electric bikes. As always, stay tuned for more articles about electric bikes in the near future.

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