Want to Buy Electric Bike Online? What You Need to Know

Buying things that you like online is nothing new. Think Amazon and how it was able to revolutionize ecommerce and online retail. However, in spite of the trend, you are still not safe with possible scams or disappointments at least. The same can be said when you buy electric bike online.

There are going to be some pros and there are going to be some cons. In fact, there are definitely going to a lot of things that you need to consider with this. We are going to be covering that and more in this article. Hopefully once everything is said and done, you would be able to buy electric bike online. So, are you guys ready?Without further ado, let’s dig in the online electric bike world. Hopefully,we’ll be getting something out of it at the end of this article too.

Buy Electric Bike Online

Buy Electric Bike Online: Things To Consider

Before you think about your very first online electric bike purchase, these are the things you need to consider. Let’s get into each and every one of them, shall we?

State Laws

Yep, this is important when you consider buying an electric bike online. There are always laws that regulate the use of electric bikes. The most common (and probably present in all parts of the world) is that electric bikes can only be used on motorized trails.

Why are there laws that govern the use of electric bikes, you ask? Well, it is based on a very simple premise that electric bikes run faster. Well, at least they do tend to cruise on higher speeds compared to the standard bikes. You can definitely take any e-bike for a spin without a license and insurance. However, there IS an exception to this rule, and that is the S-Pedelecs. For this electric bike, you need a license, an insurance and a protective helmet. So just keep that in mind should you purchase this particular electric bike.

That being said, it is important to always look at the intangibles for this one. The electric bike you aim to purchase must meet a lot of requirements. Some of these requirements include speed, motor power and even the weight of the bike. Keep that in mind,as all those things are very important.

The Value Of What You Buy

This is very important. I mean, I can’t stress enough how you need to get your money’s worth when you buy electric bike online. Electric bikes are definitely not cheap. You need to make sure that you get the best value with the money that you spend for this. How do you do that? I’ll give you a little bit of the basics then.

First is you need to make sure that it is a durable bike. Now this is a little bit tricky since you are going to buy one online. You need to trust the reviews on this one, and will definitely need thorough research.

Next thing you need to know is what battery comes along with your electric bike of choice. It needs to be efficient. Take note that the size of a battery will be the determining factor of the bike’s power. In other words, if you are looking for an electric bike with bigger power, look for one that as a bigger battery. Make sure to keep that in mind. Again, it doesn’t hurt to check reviews and ask questions about this.

Talking about value, it is also important to discuss the purpose as to why you’re buying an electric bike.Most people buy electric bikes for the main reason that they are very cost-efficient.What am I talking about here? Well, the fact that you can use it instead of your car and help you save thousands of dollars. So keep that in mind. Make sure that your intention in buying an electric bike is to use it as much as you can. This will definitely help you save a lot of money in the long term for sure.

Buy Electric Bike Online


Some of the mistakes online buyers do when purchasing electric bikes is not checking on the warranty. This is obviously one of the most important things that you should not be forgetting.It is a must-have when you want to buy electric bike online. You must ensure that the bike that you purchase has a warranty with it. The most ideal would have to be 2 years. Not only that, but you also have to ensure that the bike parts have warranty as well. Be sure to keep this in mind. This is very vital when you want to buy electric bike online. Ask the seller for a warranty. It doesn’t hurt to double check.

Not All Bikes Are The Same

This is something that you have to keep in mind. Electric bikes are trending more and more and it will only continue to rise. And with that, there have been a lot of brands offering a wide variety of electric bikes.

The common mistake of the average buyer is that he/she thinks all bikes are the same. That couldn’t be any further from the truth. Different bikes have different specifications. It’s important to know for what purpose you are buying an electric bike for; and from there find one that suits you the best. The most obvious is of course what terrain you will be using it for. Keep that in mind as it is very important to consider this as well. You don’t want to buy an electric fit for smooth terrain and use it riding along mountainous regions.

Price And Quality Go Hand In Hand

When it comes to buying electric bikes, you have to be ready to pay the price. The thing is, price and quality go hand in hand in most of these situations. Sometimes people are willing to compromise on quality because of the price. Most often this does not pay off. If you want to buy electric bike online, you have to be ready to pay a hefty price for it. Usually the good quality and the high performing electric bikes are the most expensive ones.

That being said, there are also a lot of cheap but good quality electric bikes out there. I’ve actually written about it to, too; so go ahead and try to check that one out for me. In any case, keep this in mind if you want to buy electric bike online. If you are afraid to spend, then you might not get the quality electric bike you’re dreaming about.


You can’t use your electric bike year in, year out and expect it to be in top shape without maintenance.When you buy electric bike online, you have to have this planned out already.Maintenance is very important should you wish to keep your bike performing at optimum level. Most often, bikes that are taken care of properly can last years when it comes to performance.

When it comes to maintenance, there is another thing you need to be mindful of. That is, you need to have a place wherein you can properly store your bike. If you want to keep it away from unexpected damages, store it properly, please.

The Dangers Of Buying Online

One of the dangers when you buy electric bike online is that you are not able to test your bike beforehand.That being said there are many reputable online stores that have foreseen this.Some of them offer a replacement while others can give you a refund so long as you return the item. This is where the importance of warranty comes into play as well. Indeed, it is really quite the challenge when you buy electric bike online.

The other thing that you need to be careful of as well is buying from the wrong dealers. This, for me, I think is the greatest danger when you buy electric bike online. Actually, it’snot just with electric bikes but with other products as well. This is nothing new with buying and selling online. Therefore you must have to be vigilant and mindful of these things. Make sure that when you buy online, it is from reputable stores like from Amazon. Again, it does not hurt to ask the seller questions as well about quality, warranty, etc. When you feel that it’s a bit sketchy, usually your gut is right. Find another dealer.

Buy Electric Bike Online

Buy Electric Bike Online: Final Thoughts

If you are not ready to face the challenges in buying e-bikes online, better not to at all. I recommend just going to a physical store where you can test ride examine the bike and all.

That being said, I also recommend you check out this online electric bike store I’ve teamed up with, Electric City Bike. They sell good, high-quality electric bikes and they’re known as a company you can trust online. So do go check them out. Anyway, if you have questions or experiences you’d like to raise and share, feel free to do so. Drop a comment below or give me an email directly. I would love to talk more about electric bikes with you. As always, stay tuned for more articles in the near future.

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